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Koeman: It`s harder to make a turnaround after 1:4 at home, but it`s not impossible

Koeman: It`s harder to make a turnaround after 1:4 at home, but it`s not impossible

Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman commented on the possibility of his team making a turnaround after the 1:4 loss to Paris Saint-Germain at the Camp Nou in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League. Last week, the Catalans made up for a 0-2 deficit as a guest of Sevilla in the first match of the Copa del Rey, winning 3-0 in the return leg and qualifying for the final of the tournament. The Dutch specialist reported that a turnaround against PSG would be more complicated, but not impossible. It is always more difficult to make a turnaround after 1:4 at home than after 0:2 as a guest. But nothing is impossible. We believe in ourselves. We know that Bar?a has to win and we will show this mentality, which we have been demonstrating for a long time. PSG are strong and aim for the maximum in the Champions League. In order to have a chance for a turnaround, we have to play a completed match with great efficiency. We will try to do it. We always go out for victory and hopefully we will be able to achieve it. We have to be strong, show our game and create goal situations. The most important thing is to give the best of ourselves. If we don`t, this is the worst thing that can happen to us.

Lionel Messi? Of course, if we want to make a turnaround, each player needs to be at his best. If Leo is able to make one of his strongest matches, anything is possible. He can decide any match at any time. But not only he, but the whole team must be at the highest level. We also need luck when we finish the games, looking for the necessary efficiency. We will see at the beginning of the match if we will be able to dominate and press. I do not believe that PSG are afraid of us because of the turnaround in 2017. Surely their coach will prepare his players in the best way so that they do not take this match for granted. However, the circumstances for this turnaround are completely different. It`s always easier to play rematch at home.

It will be very difficult for us. We will face a team like PSG, which does not allow you to play much. There is talk of the absences of the opponent, but ours are more. Gerard Pique and Ronald Araujo? It is true that not a day has passed this season in which we have all our players. We have bad luck with our central defenders, but we have shown that we are not dependent on one or two players. The team is strong and we will try to demonstrate it again. Araujo needs a few more group training sessions and if all goes well, he will be on the line for the match with Huesca. I have already invented the starting 11 for tomorrow`s match. We made an analysis of the first meeting. In our last analysis tomorrow I will say who will be the starters. With the available 22 players we can play in any scheme.

Joan Laporta? I don`t know if with his election there is a better chance for Messi to stay. He definitely has a past with Leo and some of the other players. This is a positive thing, but I don`t know how things are with Leo, who will make the decision himself. May he continue with us. Laporta won the election by a wide margin. The club members voted and it is good that we have a president like him who will work for the future of the club. I know him and have congratulated him several times in the past. I also know Frank Rijkaard, who was a mentor under Laporta. It inspires great Koeman: It`s harder to make a turnaround after 1:4 at home, but it`s not impossible

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