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Verratti: We have shown what we are capable of

Verratti: We have shown what we are capable of

Late last night, PSG eliminated Barcelona after 1:1 in Paris and 4:1 in the first meeting three weeks earlier in Spain. However, the match could have developed differently, but excellent interventions by Keylor Navas, including a saved penalty by Lionel Messi, did not allow the players of Ronald Koeman to get closer to anything more than an honorable relegation. Paris midfielder Marco Verratti spoke after the match about the performance of his team and the continuation in the next phase.
I feel important here, for my teammates, for the coach and for the club. I know that my teammates have faith in me and this allows me to show the best of myself. I think it`s been 26 years since we last eliminated Barcelona. We knew their strengths, but we showed what we are capable of in both games and now we are happy.
When you win 4:1, the second match is always a little different. You want to defend well, but Barcelona are so good at ball control, they`re just perfect at that. They exhaust you with their control and when you get the ball you are no longer able to counterattack the way you want. We lacked key players like Neymar, Angel Di Maria, and this 3-4-3 formation made it difficult for us, said Verratti.
He then commented on the relegation of Juventus a day earlier from Porto, as the Parisians have several representatives of Italy with him.
I watched the match of Juventus, their elimination was disappointing, I have many friends there. It was a crazy game, but at this level any mistake can be fatal. This makes the Champions League so exciting, commented the Italian national.

Verratti: We have shown what we are capable of

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